Services provided by Designated Broker Solutions

Real estate commission requirements constantly shift and vary widely from state to state. Simply keeping up with these changes can be a headache – let alone staying in compliance with them.


Yet if you or your client wants to operate outside of your state, you’ll need to navigate this process, and fast. 


Trying to do this in-house is incredibly time consuming and expensive, and there may not even be an employee in your organization that qualifies.   In the best-case scenario, it means hours of training, time away from in-house duties, and continuing education to keep them licensed. This also leaves you at a big risk for penalties if the licensed employee changes regions, falls behind on education, or leaves the company.


Designated Broker Solutions is the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve these goals – without the headache.


As your Designated Broker or Broker of Record, for an affordable monthly rate, we will: 

Increase income and efficiencies by reducing reliance on third party property management companies
Ensure true compliance with a Designated Broker Solutions Broker that follows supervision requirements mandated by the real estate commission
Minimize risk of business interruption, fines or penalties if your in-house broker quits or is terminated
Reduce audit risk by optimizing online compliance, timely renewals and reporting
Save you time and money on continuing education courses, licensing and renewal fees
Protect your business and secure your license with Designated Broker Solutions 

Property Management licensing requirements vary greatly between states, and can require years of licensed experience in that state. So how do you expand your business? By affiliating our licensed brokers with your firm, we enable you to get up and running in a new state in no time – allowing your coverage to grow as big as your goals.

True Compliance

Designated Broker Solutions means more than just a license. From providing internal audits which ensure property compliance, to providing new updates and training regarding important changes in regulations – we are truly with you every step of the way. 


As a commercial broker looking to represent clients in another state quickly and legally, co-brokerage with Designated Broker Solutions is your answer. We can bridge the gap between clients in states where you are not licensed to operate thanks to our broad license coverage.  

Our Services Drive Compliance by:

Providing compliance checklists to your property/branch employees specific to their state and type of business

Coordinating with your marketing or web team to ensure compliance in online and print advertising, one of the fastest changing areas of real estate licensing law

Performing regular internal audits, preparing your team for an audit by the real estate commission

Informing you and your employees of relevant changes in rules and regulations that affect your business

Granting you access to our Real Estate News Updates

Completing all necessary paperwork to ensure your corporate and branch licenses are renewed on a timely basis

Making ourselves available should questions or concerns arise


How it Works

The path to compliance and protecting your business is easier than you might think.


After engaging with Designated Broker Solutions, we will facilitate all the necessary paperwork with each state to become your firm's Broker of Record.


All engagements are month-to-month, and there are no long-term commitments required. 

We make adding or removing states, properties and branch offices easy without requiring the need for additional contracts or agreements.