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Compliance Drives Us

You need more than just a license. 

Designated Broker Solutions matches commercial property management firms with a qualified broker in every state where they do business, and facilitates the licensing and compliance for both the firm and the broker.


DBS Services

Our Servuces

Property Management licensing requirements vary greatly between states, and can require years of licensed experience to become licensed in each state. So how do you expand your business? Our licensed brokers affiliate with your firm, enabling your business to get up and running in a new state in no time – allowing your market coverage to grow as big as your goals.

True Compliance

COMPLI! is our proprietary licensing and compliance tracking software, the first of its kind in commercial property management. 








DBS conducts an initial compliance assessment, provides detailed research and checklists for property management compliance, and monitors continued compliance.


A partnership with Designated Broker Solutions is your first step to real estate compliance. 


The real estate and compliance professionals at DBS, in concert with your compliance and operations teams and the designated broker, will work together to bring your company, and each of your properties, into compliance.  

Access to your own COMPLI! dashboard with licensing and compliance reporting and tracking makes the compliance process virtually seamless.  

One point of contact, one contract, one invoice.  

About Designated Broker Solutions

Designated Broker Solutions brings you peace of mind at a remarkably affordable price. Our network of qualified designated brokers, combined with our proprietary compliance program designed for commercial property management, allow you to succeed – in every state you do business.

Team High Five

Key Benefits of Working with Designated Broker Solutions

Know your state's license laws and requirements, without having to dig through volumes of statutes - we have done the research so you don't have to
Ensure true compliance with a Broker of Record that follows supervision requirements mandated by the real estate commission
Reduce audit risk by optimizing online compliance, timely renewals and reporting
Eliminate the headache of contracting with different brokers in different states, we offer one point of contact for licensing, renewals and compliance

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Designated Broker Solutions matches your firm with a Broker of Record wherever your business takes you. With a broker affiliate network licensed in 45 states and counting, we are uniquely positioned to offer a path to becoming licensed and compliant, in every state where you do business.  You can now have a single point of contact for all your managed properties. 

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Kristen Zimmerman worked for me at Oakwood Worldwide as our VP of Real Estate Acquisitions. She was responsible for rebuilding the Oakwood portfolio after we inked our JV with an investment partner. She excelled at every aspect of the task. She sourced, negotiated and executed on acquisitions of multi- family real estate across the country. Tireless and hard working, she never let anything slip through the cracks.

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